How to Be Stylish in Autumn

There is nothing more instructive than to squint on looks, often very original, the it-girls came hurrying to Fashion Week fashion shows. Luckily, it is precisely right into it!

The great marathon of Fashion Week was launched on 10 September in New York before invading successively London, Milan and Paris until 7 October. A kick which allows us today to capture future trends for autumn-winter 2016-2017. If the catwalks are true sources of inspiration, it is also confidence fashionistas from real life to give us ideas. Fortunately, the “hunters style” (style of hunters) have worked well this year and already give us what identify it-looks of the season!

1. Black & White

The easiest style to adopt this winter, it’s black and white. Hard to go wrong when you put on this timeless duo, but if in doubt it is better to follow some requirements. History not to make missteps, a predominant color is chosen for the meeting and we mix everything with an imposing piece bicolor as a coat, a pair of shoes or a bag. To emphasize her look black & white, then we just add an item with the complementary color, like a belt or a gem!


2. The Return of the Flare

This is the figure with which it will absolutely count this season. Not only the 70 comeback on the catwalks of designers, but additionally it-girls have already adopted. For make no mistake avoids flare short pants, too complicated to give. When you’re new at this, we focus on a so-called classical and length are chosen sages colors as white, beige, navy blue or black, because the cut leg-bottoms is already cool enough as it …


3. The Patchwork of Colors

This winter, the color is required. It does not hesitate to draw inspiration from the patchwork trend, already swarming all over the streets. If we blithely drool on daring combinations of the New York photographed at the exit parades, yet we do not allow such a fantasy when it’s the first time anyone gets stuck. The best is yet to dig a patchwork coat to put over a classic black dress.

4. Waders

You do not have waders in your closet? Well, it’s now or never to get started!If there is a good pair of shoes best for this autumn-winter 2016-2017, it is the thigh. With a dress or pants, day or night, the glamor detail that feminine form any outfit. So Pretty Woman!

5. The Ethnic Map

Still as trend, the ethnic card returns this season but beware influences to follow ITYPEMBA! Exit South America and seen and reviewed Aztec prints. This season is all about Asia. India, Vietnam, Cambodia, China or Japan, we rencarde the traditional clothes of the Middle East for inspiration.

6. Belted Pants

Not easy to adopt, we grant you! Yet belted pants promises to be one of the most advanced trends of the season. If you’re feeling adventurous, try to add a thick cloth belt around your waist and tie casually …

7. The Color Look Chic

Because winter is not as gloomy as you might think and that Pantone has decreed that the orchid and pink cashmere were part of it-the colors of the season, it allows some fantasies. And the total summer look scares you but you still tries being, just a long coat plain and colorful, this amply will do!