How to Avoid Hair Loss

Hair treated well are usually healthy and beautiful, but can also suffer from a common problem: the hair loss. That’s because not always the fall is the result of poor care.

According to dermatologist Carolina Marçon, hair is normal. On average, each person loses 100 threads per day and this number is not worrying, I always have more hair rising than falling.

But, if the amount increase, you need to find an expert to investigate the causes of hair loss, which can be three: genetics, temporary outages due to changes in the scalp or organic and physiological problems, such as stress, inflammatory or infectious diseases, hormonal changes, metabolic diseases, fever, pregnancy, anemia or even balanced nutrition.

Diseases can fine-tune the cord and leave the root weakened, causing the crash, but chemical and dyes are also villains, since change the scalp, weaken and ressacam wires.

10 hair care

  • Dairy products: it is important to use shampoos and conditioners for the hair type correct;
  • Hot water: high temperature affect the growth of the wires, since it contributes to the increase of oil, in addition to being able to burn areas of the scalp. When cooler water, better;
  • Scalp: keep the scalp clean and dry is essential to having healthy strands. The oil hinders the oxygenation and thus compromises the growth of wires;
  • Power: even if the care are flawless, if there is a healthy diet, hair health will be compromised. The vitamins and minerals present in the healthy foods are indispensable;
  • Caps and hats: allow the scalp breathe is important, therefore, caps and hats are allowed, but use must be moderated for breath;
  • Stress: a life stressed compromises the entire body, including the hair. Therefore, physical activities are recommended to make the day more relaxed and improve the functioning of the organism;
  • Flat iron: straighten your hair every day by subjecting them to high temperatures is tough spot. A non-injurious alternative is smooth with bob liss great. The effect is more natural and healthy.
  • Chemistry: with so many products available in the market it’s hard not to surrender to any of them, but before you apply it, it’s worth an investigation of components and a test on a small wick. So, bigger problems can be avoided.
  • Medication: before starting to make drug treatments, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Medication should be prescribed for specific cases, because what would be the benefit could harm even more.
  • Expert: if the fall is abnormal, it is important to consult a doctor, to investigate the problem and, if necessary, take vitamins and supplements to treat the problem.