How to Apply Makeup in 5 Minutes

Makeup in the summer? A great nuisance!
If in winter we devote ourselves willingly to the make-up experimenting with the latest trends and buying new products to be tested, in the summer the very idea of spending precious time before the mirror to realize a trick due to heat and humidity melt in a few minutes ago we tremble!

How to Apply Makeup in 5 Minutes

Many of us give up in the summer make-up: the hot discourage us and often enough the first tanning signs for us to delude ourselves that we can also be presentable without a trace of makeup! But the truth is that even a tanned face needs to be enhanced.

We can easily make a make-up fast and hot test, just follow some forethought and choose the right products. Here are some tips for makeup in 5 minutes even in summer.

1st step: starting from the bb cream

The first thing to do with the arrival of the warm season is to replace the foundation with a bb cream that has a lighter texture. The bb cream wight makeup mirrors from Bridgat, as well as even out the complexion and brighten the complexion, allows the skin to breathe and simultaneously ensures an adequate level of protection from sunlight.

2nd step: make-up eyes with waterproof products

To make up the eyes, an eyeliner and mascara may suffice in summer! Choose waterproof products to be certain that your make-up does not begin to flow immediately after crossing the front door!

3rd step: Protect lips with lip balm

The sun can damage the lips and that is why it important to moisturize and protect. Before applying your favorite lipstick, remember to stretch out on your lips a thin layer of lip balm.

4th step: Choose a powder blush to emphasize the features

Inevitable even in summer, the blush . Choose it to bring out the features and give light to the face, but also to hide the signs of fatigue caused by excessive heat.

5th step: remember to use the powder to combat shine

Sun and sweat are the numbers one enemy of our skin and do nothing but accentuate the annoying shiny effect on the face. To counter it, remember to use the powder. Apply it on the face, especially in the area T.