How to Appear Taller Without Heels

Would you like to earn a few centimeters in height but do not want to wear heels? We have the solution: in this article we list 11 tricks to appear taller.

Women whose legs are slender as those of a dachshund and whose height allows you to shop in department children, the appeal! You, that on certain days you want to soar in the crowd instead of lose yourself in it, you, you would want as much reach the meter and sixty, you who feel the need to look into the eyes who look upon you without having a stiff neck, you have found article that answers your needs.

There are in fact small fashion tricks that allow the lowest women gain a few centimeters in height, without having to wear a pair of heels. You read right: to be higher you do not need uncomfortable heels, but just some forethought in choosing clothing.

Curious to know how to do? Here are our recommendations:

1. Clothes monochrome

Similar colors, it helps to not break the body into parts, then making it look more tall, slim and slender. And if you fear to be boring with only one color, add a little variety of playing with fabrics, which can be different from each other, or choose an accessory that breaks the look, like a bag of a vibrant hue.

2. Unzipped!

The height can also be created by means of optical illusions, for example by creating vertical lines that can slim the figure. This task, although most will not appreciate chilly, is played to perfection by cardigans, blazers and jackets unbuttoned.

3. The v-neck

The V-neck, in addition to enhancing the breasts, even hurls the neck, making it appear the figure higher. For an extra touch, you can combine a t-shirt with a v-neck with a pair of high-waisted pants, a chic and stylish combination at the same time.

4. Long necklaces

The long necklaces, composed of a chain which ends with a pendant, create vertical lines able to make it look like the longest torso of what is actually, contrary to the court necklaces, that instead shorter. To maximize the effect, you can match with one of these necklaces hairstyle collection or semiraccolta, as the middle bun .

5. Tight dresses

If you want to look taller, hold your breath and choose tight-fitting clothes, or at least not baggy. Indeed baggy clothes do not create sharp lines, making you look even lower than you really are, while the tight emphasize.

6. Jeans

Off jeans and pants, as long as the variant skinny and strictly long. In fact the pinocchieti or pants that arrive above the ankle break the line of the leg, shortening and thus shortening the whole figure. If you like, you can also opt for pants that reach the ground or come to the tip of the shoes.

7. Shoes in neutral tones

The leg can be extended through a wise choice of shoes: ballet shoes and sandals should be neutral tones, which are as close as possible to the skin color, to create the feeling that the leg would never end. Of course, if you wear blacks tights, the shoes will be the same color.

8. Stratifications

Also a layered look can create the illusion of length, provided that stratification is made ​​with fabrics not overly heavy and unstructured. In addition, it is good that the outer head, as it can be a cardigan or scarf, is darker than the inner one.

9. Beware of belts!

The belt band who are on life are banned for those low! Indeed, a band belt breaks the body into two parts. If you really want to wear a belt, for example in order to highlight the waistline, this must be thin.

10. Hats

To be higher, what could be easier than gaining a few centimeters with a hat? Anything, so wear it! You’ll gain even in style, perhaps choosing one to wide brim (but not too).

11. Asymmetric skirts

A short skirt in front and longer at the back can create the illusion of greater height because the form of vertical lines that body’s contours. The ideal is to choose a skirt made ​​of a fluttering fabric and light.