How about a Hat that Plays Music?

Do you still remember the cassette tapes? Believe me, they still have some utilities, want an example?

The American artist Alyce Santoro has developed a tissue composed of 50% audio cassette and 50% polyester that keeps emitting sounds after manufacture. The fabric, called Sonic Fabric, besides having an interesting texture, still enjoy a not recyclable component of cassette tapes: the magnetic tape.

In partnership with the Brazilian designer Julio Cesar, the American artist manufactures neckties, and Fedora hats in black, gray and Brown. Alyce developed the technology for ten years, but wasn’t thinking about sustainability or recycling, all she wanted was a clothes to issue sound. “I decided to use a ubiquitous material that had a special role in my life as music and great fond of sound.” Reports to the portal Ecoterre and complete yet:”the recycling was a happy byproduct.”

Even with the extinction of cassette tapes after the arrival of other technologies, they are still abundant in the collection of Alyce who claims still do not require donations to produce Sonic Fabric.

To make the fabric “sing” it takes to spoil a player of cassette tapes. The video below shows how to make and still gives a “straw” to the sound issuing: