House Cave in Sierra Morena

This week we visited a unique place. In the province of Córdoba and nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Morena, found the estate Cuevas del Pino, whose quarry is this housing designed by Studio UMMO, and which is available for holiday rental Web Airbnb.
Like other nearby caves, these geological formations were used once as a refuge for the guards of the cattle grazing in the area. The project is carried out respecting to the maximum the tectonic nature of the place and following the spaces defined by the walls of the old building.

The geometry of clean volumes seen in facades, gives rise to spacious and airy inside, all of them communicated with abroad thanks to the opening of holes to the South to look for natural light.

Stone materials, such as marble and concrete floors have been used for reconstruction. The furniture, most specifically designed for this project, is made of wood and handcrafted.

Design, architecture and nature combine to make this the perfect place to disconnect.


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