Home Remedies for Pimples and Blackheads for Oily Skin

Let’s talk about skin blemishes: oily skin with pimples, blackheads, apparently without really effective solutions issues. The skin on himself collects a significant amount of waste and toxic substances, especially if we live in big center.With our 10 tips your skin will again become clean and healthy, try it;)

You too are suffering from the problem of acne and oily skin?!

Your T zone is often shiny and understood, especially around the nose, to have the annoying ner points i?!

First of all we remember what may seem trivial, but it is not: at least a couple of times a year we recommend a thorough cleaning of the face by expert hands.

Advising with her friends about what creams, primer, foundation and masks to use, I found a real home beauty treatment that makes the skin radiant and reduces imperfections and impurities.

Just have a little ‘time and get to the pharmacy a concentrate of Bach Flowers (all homeopathic pharmacies are supplied)

We give you this recipe for your skin, easy to accomplish by following these 10 points (see more on Remzfamily.com).


Pour into a small bowl a cleansing milk spoon and a few drops (2-3 max) of Agrimony and emulsioniamo all.


Now we move on the face the creamy sauce that we have prepared, massaging well with your fingertips especially in the “T” area which as you know includes chin, nose and forehead.


If we faced a particularly “pollutant day” can help us with a small brush (like those from children’s teeth, very, very soft) that we will use a circular motion.


We massage it all for a few minutes, then we wash thoroughly with water, preferably demineralized.


Agrimony , called the “mask” of the Bach flowers, and represents what is shown “outside”, it is associated with addictions (alcohol, smoking, food, drugs,etc.) that should be cleaned away from both the physical and the mind.


Now that your face is clean we dry (pat and not rub) with a clean cloth and  nebulize a mild tonic or  rose water. It is useful to obtain a proper container for this action, as it allows you to not exceed the product and receiving much earlier the sensations of freshness to the face.


Let’s wait a bit ‘evaporation and possibly tamponiamo excess (must not leak!!!) then we take our night cream that is full-bodied, but not greasy, let’s use the amount of a teaspoon in the palm of your hand and add 3 drops of Crab Apple.


Then we proceed to massage all over the face and neck, remembering that the right amount of product is linked to the individual needs of the skin and individual!


If your skin is too oily, especially in the case of oily skin, you may have exaggerated the amount.


The addition of  Crab Apple, allows a more thorough cleaning, in fact, this flower is considered the’ antibiotic  and is strongly purifying: it is in fact suitable for the emotions that cause us feelings of guilt and that leave the “spots”or signs in we can not free ourselves.