Hit the Look to Go to Gym and Play Sports

Marie Claire has selected comfortable and fashionable looks for you to dress well also when it comes to exercising.

Comfort is essential when choosing the look to work out or practice some physical activity, but that does not mean sloppiness. It’s not cool for you to wear that old nightgown, for example, to go to the gym or a park. Today, there are many brands of sportswear that follow the trend of fashion and have a fashion touch. We put together some suggestions of looks that can be used both in the gym and in an outdoor environment. And in case you do not enjoy exercising, these pieces of raiding will even give you an incentive!

Instead of buying basic leggings, choose one that has some detail in another color or a print, like the picture below. Another tip is to bet on a cheerful color, as the sports clothes are usually more neutral, a piece of pink leaves the look more feminine and balances the look. And do not forget to always carry a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Memo Regatta, R $ 79,90
Olympikus Shoes, R $ 199,90
Memo leggings, R $ 159,00
Top Riachuelo, R $ 39,90
Squeeze KOR Delta, R $ 70

In summer or on hot days, take off the shorts from the wardrobe. At this time of year the ideal is to use light parts, since you usually sweat more. Today there is the short-skirt, a specific piece for women that mixes comfort with femininity. Vibrant colors also have everything to do with the season, but be careful not to overdo the mix of tones, look for harmony in the look.

Renner Blouse
Renner short-skirt
Top Speedo for Trifil
Olympikus Shoes
Suunto Watch
Squeeze KOR One Chrome

Already for the cold days, combine a pair of pants with a coat or sweatshirt of not very thick fabric. Darker colors, such as black and gray, are great for this period, but invest in a patterned or colored piece to bring the look to life. A watch to mark the time and check the time is a good accessory to use during sports via Sportingology.com. And if you do not give time to wash your hair right after workout, dry shampoo is the ideal product to carry in the bag.