Hippie Midi Dress by Isis Valverde – Vintage Fashion Dress

Check Out Midis Hippie Dress Options From Isis Valverde And Enjoy The Ballad!

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Ísis Valverde is a young Brazilian actress, well known to the public for her role in soap operas at Rede Globo.Isis Valverde drew attention for being the protagonist of the novel Boogie Oogie.

In one scene from this novel, Isis Valverde wore a simple midi dress with hippy inspiration.This fashion dress is the inspiration for today’s post titled hippie midi dress from Isis Valverde. Check it out and get inspired for your next ballad!

The midi hippie dress by Ísis Valverde has as main characteristic the loose modeling, mainly in the skirt, that brings comfort and better movement. In addition, the green details depart from the classic earthy shades of hippie dresses.

In addition, the marked waistline could not be missing, harmonizing the body, and the top has a light V neckline that draws attention to the face.

Hippie Midi Dress Tips!

The online stores do not offer many hippie midi dress options, this is not due to midi length, which is currently fashionable and has many options, but hippie inspiration, which despite being timeless, is not well crafted by brands.

The hippie dresses are suitable for informal occasions, this is linked to the very history of the hippie movement, which preaches liberty and break convention.

Check out some options of hippie dress by Isis Valverde and get inspired for your next party!


This midi hippie dress has a slightly more classic inspiration, as we can see in the region of the top, by its little bubbles and sucking sleeves.

However, the loose skirt and the print of flowers and foliage are details attached to hippie inspiration. So, this midi dress values ​​the lap, due to the V neckline, and the waist, while hiding the fat from the belly.


This midi hippie dress can be defined as modern hippie. This is due to its strong colors and abstract pattern with flowers, stripes and foliage. Thus, the print is what draws the most attention, so it is important to use discreet accessories.

In addition, this beautiful dress has a broad neckline, which gives more charm to the piece, but tends to highlight the greasy.


This dress midi hippie has in its strong colors and contrasts his strong point, so the color difference makes the bust region stands out, even more than the neckline is V . In addition, despite the modeling being released, the waistline was delineating leaving the body more harmonic.


Among the dresses shown in this post, this is the hippie midi dress that has the hippie inspiration, which is in the skirt full of arabesques in earthy and blue tones. The combination of these arabesques with navy blue top left the dress more discreet and made it can be used on many occasions as it is no longer overly casual.