Himedia H8: It’s Review

HiMedia exits the Penumbra that made her known only to certain niches and points to a consumer, distribution to a known and more popular. Start making known in Europe as his latest TV Box Android, is made with many aesthetic attention based on the most modern Rockchip hardware platform. HiMedia H8 costs about 100 euros online (more if you take it from Italian retailers) and promises 4 k playback H. 265, 3D video management, support Kodi and firmware updates released via OTA.

Data sheet HiMedia H8

  • Rockchip CPU RK3368 Octa Core A53/PowerVR G6110
  • 2 GB RAM/16 GB eMMC (11 GB free)/SDHC reader
  • 2 USB 2.0/2.4 GHz WiFi N/100 Ethernet/IR
  • HDMI 2.0 4 k at 60 fps/RCA Composite Video
  • Google Android 5.1 Lollipop/Kodi 15/HiMedia UI

Himedia H8 is a direct rival of Zidoo X 6 Pro and Tronsmart R68. Compared to the worst components box Zidoo have (No Bluetooth, no WiFi ac, no Gigabit) but an aluminum frame that ensures low temperatures and solve the serious problem of throttling. Compared to the model Tronsmart also has a higher price, but a more stable firmware and a better community.

H8 comes in a pack with HDMI cable, power supply 5V 2A and IR remote management. Is a great controller, programmable and solid, with quiet touch keys dedicated to multimedia as well as the UI of Android. Use it to manage your custom interface of the box is a pleasure. Himedia uses a less refined graphics and less taken care of rivals Zidoo and Minix; is severe lack of standby, you can just turn on and off, as well as the video output and HDMI-CEC UI in 24 p. Good the automatic refresh rate depending on the movie being played.

In TV boxes like these I would like to see more image adjustments, color profiles, sliders to the range, and although it is not a fault of the manufacturer but rather the hardware platform and related libraries made available, is one of those failings that detract from professionalism at all. Himedia uses these precautions in its box; because there is minimal on H8 essential?

The following tests were performed with the firmware 1.0.9 of January 2016, the latest available. Is stable, reliable and fast. Notice the values of CPU and GPU performance benchmarks and on the edge who can guarantee than the box Zidoo. This is one of the most successful, one reason for preferring H8 to others. The 8-core A53 manage to stay on high frequencies for as long as necessary without limitation. The metal chassis helps and remains 20° C under X 6 Pro and Tronsmart R68.

With 36° C maximum temperature on the body, HiMedia H8 is one of the coolest TV Box of the last period. Take it apart did not bring afloat tricks or creative ideas (like the 2° Beelink plate i68). The aluminium block does its job, and leave the rest to a mini heatsink on SoC, 3 mm thick rubber feet and ventilation holes on the bottom. Also probably assemble the same board makes its.

Some other data: jars WiFi n network speed while it’s ok the Fast Ethernet. Weak performance of the eMMC Samsung module (which explains the 30 seconds to boot) but do not harm the user experience. Everything else is on a good level for the category, consumption on hold. And then there is the result of Antutu Video Tester and the awareness of having to deal with a “usual” RK3368.

Himedia H8 install Kodi 15.2 with RK libraries to ensure playback hardware decoding H. 265 and HD audio support. It is not a flawless experience just like other par-hardware, but the perfect box there and in this price range you can just choose what he does best what interests us. Games? Local playback? Streaming? A little bit of everything?

The yield more linear one has with the integrated video player. Himedia uses a MediaCenter in the round, dispersed by the number of options that includes, to use to get the best reproduction and to take advantage of the auto switch the refresh rate. I had no problems with reading from network and with 4 k format and playback 1080 p test. Usual limits-4 k at 60 fps with H265 plannable and with 120 fps. I couldn’t figure out whether 23,976 Hz are supported “seriously” or if the whole thing has turned toward the 24 Hz. nothing to do with Netflix HD(excluding temporary hack) but firmware stability and performance of SoC keep hours of web streaming seamlessly.

Final considerations

HiMedia H8 is stable and pleasant. It has one of the best chassis in the industry, a really nice remote, the most consistent performance of equal hardware and temperatures that do justice to the modernity of its hardware. Himedia customized good Android but in comparison with the equal-hardware Zidoo X 6 Pro you will lose a bit of quality and sophistication (i.e: there is a File Manager pre-installed). Also lacks Bluetooth and not exploit the possibilities of the board prefers Ethernet and WiFi mid range.

Recommending it as pure video player instead of box with AMLogic S905 is a gamble.Consider it for anything else is a good idea. Himedia has one of the best online communities, involving actively its customers software development and meets their demands. Produces certified hardware and has the best Android video player on the market. Now is ready to update its top of the range with the Q10 ProEdition. In short, you need to know and follow.