High Noon on the Mobile Phone Market

The Sun on your face, they ride the German market: Nokia N97, LG KM900 arena, Palm Pre, Sony Ericsson Idou, Samsung i8910 Omnia, Apple iPhone 4 G, HTC Touch Pro2-the magnificent seven are ready for the duel. The city is too small for everyone.

The new phones come. Like Gunslingers, they want to shake the market and ensure clear conditions. Face to face them confront: the greenhorn Sony Ericsson Idou, the warhorse of HTC Touch Pro2, the elegant killer Samsung i8910 HD, the Kat Palm Pre, the nimble-fingered LG KM900 arena, the Sheriff of Nokia N97 and the pioneer, the Apple iPhone 4 g. Soon it’s high noon in the shelves of the cell phone seller and it will show what counterparty unerringly stakes out his territory. Xonio presents you with the Duelists.

Nokia N97: The Sheriff

The mobile flagship from Finland is not yet on the market, but could be the N97 to the new Sheriff in town. The functionality and application possibilities make it a candidate who could decide for themselves the duel with the colt.

Nokia plans with the N97 a device that could actually make the term all-round mobile. Large 3.5-inch touch screen and pull-out keyboard can control the mobile phone in many ways. The combination of mobile phone, NetBook and navigation device to finally succeed. The latter provide A-GPS chip and the Finnish Navi service of Nokia maps 3.0. A 5-megapixel camera is also on board.

But the manufacturer has even more: thanks to Wi-Fi and HSDPA will be the N97 to a constant companion for surfing tours through the Internet. Widgets that users from the Web can download and install on your device, merge the offline and online world and provide direct access to services such as Flickr, news pages and games to pass the time. With Ovi.com, Nokia has even a platform in the Repertoire, which is to compete with well-known Web 2.0 services such as studiVZ and MySpace.

In the first practice test also the use of the Nokia N97 turned out to be well thought out. The full keyboard settled quickly and easily tap about E-Mails or SMS-short text. Also responded to the touch screen immediately touches-commendable. The victory against the Nokia N97 will be difficult with so many positive properties. Only the previously unknown publication date might be a problem. In the second quarter, it should come on the market. Others draw may be faster.

LG KM900 Arena: The Nimble-Fingered Hero

Touch-sensitive display, multitouch controls and intuitive operation make better the LG KM900 – known as arena – the skilled Gunslingers. Fast response and a well-thought-out user guide talk for the multimedia cell phone.

This is controlled LG arena the new S-class user interface. The symbols are located on four sides of a cube, through which the user moves with a flick. So, about a page offers all the widgets and other all multimedia applications. Smooth animations and the 3D look make the whole thing a real eye catcher. The operation is not only intuitive but also chic looks.

The strengths also include the multimedia features. The 5-megapixel digicam takes not only photos, but also video-either in slow motion. Music can set the MP3 player with FM transmitter directly to the speakers of the car radio. For songs, the Speicherprotz offers 8 GB space, which can be increased via SDHC cards on all 40 GB.

The LG cell phone especially when navigation is vulnerable. A GPS chip is indeed incorporated, GPS software and maps will miss the buyer but. Also, the device because of the proprietary operating system can be only slightly expanded.Drawbacks, that didn’t kill the KM900, but can result in nasty injuries in a duel.

Samsung I8910 HD: The Elegant Killer

Elegant appearance, sharp giant screen and S60 UI the i8910 HD give the touch of a killer of who makes short work of his opponents. Still has the phone not to fight, but the first shot could be even fatal.

A real keyboard is missing the i8910 HD. For this proud 9.4 centimeters in the diagonal measures the touch screen. Since a digital camera with a resolution of 8 Megapixels, good fits. This absorbs even videos with stately 1,280 x 720 pixels. The Samsung-Super Phone multimedia package is rounded off by an MP3 player with surround sound. The adequately sized storage offers space for MP3s: choice 8 or 16 GB are available.The microSD slot is 32-GByte cards.

On the Internet-surfing, also think Samsung and packs HSDPA and HSUPA for fast download and uploads, as well as Wi-Fi in the high-end mobile phone UMTS with the data services. Also a GPS navigation squeezes of the manufacturers in the chic case.I hope that doesn’t make the elegant killer, a lame target. The cell phone on the market is to come in the spring. Then, it can prove what is a true gunslinger.

Palm Pre: The Kat

The crisis-hit smartphone maker Palm is celebrating a comeback. With the pre’s should be able to regain market share especially among business users.But the shot must sit or Palm is finally down.

That the shot could succeed, make especially the Multitouch display (3.1 inches) and the new operating system webOS feel. The latter should offer numerous useful features particularly for mobile Internet access. In the Practice test settled on the Web pages Palm preeasily browse and show well in spite of not just huge displays. Thanks to HSDPA and Wi-Fi, Web content built up quickly. Through the interface of the operating system user also directly on online applications such as address book, calendar, or email access-even from different vendors.

In addition to the multi-touch display, also a slide-out QWERTY keyboard takes the input of the user. In the Test with the first series device that worked quite well already. The mobile also has a GPS chip, as well as video and music player. However, the 8-GByte memory can not be extended. A memory card slot is missing the Palm Pre – unusually for a modern mobile phone.

Already in April, which is expected Palm Pre in the United States. When the device is actually comes on the German market, is not yet clear. Probably this will be only in the second half of 2009 the case. Perhaps, the fight for dominance in the mobile market is run then already – or Palm Pre requires a renewed duel.

Sony Ericsson Idou: The Greenhorn

Sony Ericsson can take an unknown cowboy in the duel from the vastness of the Prairie. A new series of mobile with touch screen will bring the manufacturer on the market. How to beat the greenhorn in direct comparison is uncertain – yet little of the Piglet is known.

So far, Sony Ericsson has just published some details for the first model in the series. But you have it in themselves. So the mobile phone is a digital camera with 12.1-megapixel resolution and a touch display with a diagonal of 3.5-inch 16:9-format offer.

The typical features of modern mobile phones is also on board: HSDPA, quad-band GSM, calls on all continents, and GPS are likely to belong to the basic equipment. To be installed as the operating system Symbian, which version is not yet known. S60 programs to run it.

Only in the second half of the year we can expect the first unit of the Idou series. Until then, what happens when the duel against the saloon, must consider probably the greenhorn from afar.

HTC Touch Pro2: The Warhorse

With the touch Pro2 HTC delivers a powerful Duelist on the firing range, where his opponents have only once over. The business phone has to offer features that could allow to freeze the blood in the veins the opposite before the first shot under his coat.

That plays to its strengths Touch Pro2 Windows Mobile based mainly in the business area of. Office Mobile is available with programs such as Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint available. PDFs can be opened and shrink data to better manage ZIP function. Positive: The current Office 2007 formats are supported. Also the push Internet feature is useful for business users. Thus summon user Web pages via Wi-Fi at home and read them offline then go alone. Alternatively HSDPA is available for mobile Internet-with up to 7.2 MBit per second.

The modest quality of the music player and the 3.2 megapixel digital camera shows that it is a real business phone. After all, users can use the secondary camera for video calls and use the touch Pro2 thanks to the excellent QWERTY keyboard and large display like a small notebook. So, the strong warhorse must spare no duel.

Apple Iphone 4 G: The Pioneer

With the iPhone, Apple has heralded a new era. The operation and the link to the app store were entirely new concepts that brought the competition in arge distress. That makes the new iPhone 4 G once again pioneering work? In the duel, the adversaries could have then quickly left.

So far, the new Apple phone is just a rumor – but condense the references to a successor of the iPhone 3 g. So, the new is designed to provide a higher surfing speed. Currently, this creates iPhone 3.6 MBit per second. HSDPA in version III is to increase the transmission rate up to 7.2 Mbits per second.

Is also an iPhone version with full QWERTY keyboard into the conversation and Apple’s mobile phone to can record finally videos, without having to crack the firmware before. This and other information is available but highly speculative-as well as the designs that have recently surfaced on the Internet.