Hero of Labor

With the MDA Vario II, T-Mobile is the return to the throne of our Smart phone rankings. The youngest Vario at the top continues thanks to HSDPA, compact design and Windows Mobile 5.0.

One of the first devices in Germany, T-Mobile MDA Vario II supports the data Turbo HSDPA. Also the Wi-Fi device, versatile PDA functions and can be conveniently operated full keyboard and touch screen.

There, it is not surprising that the newbie leaves the assembled Smart phone competition in our test despite some weaknesses behind.

Data Features: Almost Complete

Quadband, UMTS, HSDPA, EDGE and W-LAN: The MDA Vario II is to all modern forms of data transmission.

Phone functions
No matter in what part of the world the Vario II also take with you: your Smartphone thanks to quad will spark in any GSM network and is so good as a travel companion. On trips, you can also easily add a second time zone and set individual alarms and alarms for every day of the week.

Of course also SMS and MMS messages include II up to 300 KB to the Repertoire of the MDA. However, incoming messages (E-Mail, SMS, MMS) not in a Central Inbox can be summarized. Choose phone numbers using the virtual keyboard on the touch screen. Practical: without pin we could enter even numbers and short selection commands simply by finger touch. You can store up to 99 contact in the speed dial database.

Who wants to can use even his voice to dial numbers or run programs using voice commands. It worked well in the test without problems. Voice memos can be stored up to 60 seconds in length. Typical Windows Mobile: the MDA II environment profiles as well as the ability to create different user groups are missing.

Data functions
One of the first devices on the market, the compact smartphone supports the data Turbo HSDPA.Theoretically, it can receive this data with up to 1.8 MBit/s. The built-in browser (Internet Explorer) allows you to easily navigate on websites.

He is also on tables, frames and Java script. In the test, Vario II HSDPA support was on the road although pretty fast on the Internet. However, a speed comparable with DSL was not on. Connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi and DSL was then yet still even faster.

Connection to other devices is the Smartphone available via infrared, Bluetooth, USB 2.0 or Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 g, max. 54 MBit/s) forth. Integrated email client can automatically provide you with push support demand with the latest emails. The integrated MSN Messenger maintains contact with other MSN members if necessary.

PDA/Multimedia: Office, MP3 And Mega Pixels

The MDA Vario II T-Mobile are plentiful PDA functions on the way. In addition to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, there is also a ZIP data compression program.

The Vario II offers a comprehensive contact database where you can store unlimited contacts. Each entry contains up to 40 parameters. In addition to not only open Office files (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), you can also edit. Can’t do that with PDFs though, but at least you can look at them.Appointments, tasks and notes can be easily manage and synchronize using ActiveSync with the PC.

1,000 test contacts and 100 notes were calibrated in 2 minutes, 15 seconds via USB. Bluetooth took the procedure about 7 seconds longer. If you want to synchronize via infrared. Lasted just over 3 minutes of matching in this way. Factory stick 128 MB in the Vario II, which supplied about 80 MB can be used for your own content. Not just lush, especially as an extra memory card is missing.

The MDA Vario II has two cameras on board. At the rear a 2-megapixel camera takes on quite reasonable photos (test images in the photo gallery) and moving pictures with LED illuminator in CIF-format (352 x 288 pixels).

The counterpart on the front side is filming on video calls via UMTS. The Windows Media Player, which can be used also for the viewing of videos provides musical entertainment. The player can play in conjunction with the supplied headset on rather loudly, leaves but miss sound volume via http://www.electronicsencyclopedia.com/2015/8-amazing-tricks-with-iphone-headset/ .

Practice: Compact Communication Centre

The MDA Vario II can be operated comfortably thanks to Windows Mobile and is also pleasingly compact.

Facts & figures
The Smartphone looks like strong his ancestors MDA Vario Vario II has much more to offer! With dimensions of 112 x 58 x 25 mm with 172 grams it lies comfortably in the hand.Also the battery life can be seen. After less than 5 hours duration test with full power run out of steam went out the battery.

The menu is similar to a Windows computer. In the start menu, you can define up to seven applications for quick selection. Gain access to programs and settings, click on the Windows icon or via the corresponding softkey.Joy came up, if it to enter texts was considered. The QWERTY keyboard has crisp pressure points, pleasantly responsive to inputs and can be operated very well using the thumb.

Less fun was the operation via touch screen. The screen slightly sluggish–at the inputs, the enclosed pen very tight in the case and has been rather too short for larger hands. Despite plastic finish of the Vario seems solid and well processed II altogether.

Display and acoustic
With 240 x 320 pixels, the touchscreen has a relatively coarse resolution. Even the low brightness and the poor contrast range disrupted us. Particularly in the field, sunlight and reflections led to a very poor readability of the display.

Properly, the Vario suggested II at the acoustic test. Both on the Smartphone, as well as on the fixed network end the conversation partner were always good to understand and the voices sounded loud and of course. At most of the somewhat noisy sound fixed clouded the picture.

Conclusion: Deserving Winners

The T-Mobile MDA Vario II is the currently most complete Smartphone on the German market. This is reflected also in our ranking: 1st place with the Smartphones.

Currently no competitor has to Phone and data features in store. Quadband, UMTS, HSDPA, Wi-Fi, and last but not least, the Windows operating system provide a superior leadership in smartphones. The compact dimensions, the successful keyboard and the quality workmanship we liked in the test particularly well. Less successful, we found the display. Too dark and low contrast is the indicator compared with other smartphones.

As PDA need to hide the Vario II not ahead of the competition. Especially the Office functions, the extensive contact database and the rapid reconciliation with the local machine are the latest MDA to shame. However the latter not on straight worked. Only after a reset the device to contact settled with the computer talk.

In the Practice showed the MDA Vario II as a compact and versatile Companion. The built-in Camera can I take passable photos. The flexible management of time zones, the well-functioning voice control and the speed dial function to complete 99 entries are likely to please not only business users.

You are looking for a device that a laptop provides the rudimentary functions, but still fits in your Pocket? Look at that Nokia E61 on. The number 2 of our Smartphone rankings dispenses with a camera, but not on UMTS, W-LAN, and a full keyboard.