HermèS Autumn/Winter: Too Much Memory, Little Evolution

Christophe Lemaire came to Hermes in 2011, replacing Jean Paul Gaultier after seven years of bonding with the French firm, so the collection autumn/winter 2012 / 2013 presented at the fashion week in Paris is his third preceded delivery of two good early hits that today not continuation.

Minimalism resulting as well to Christophe Lemaire to renew a stagnant Lacoste ran aground in a review too reminiscent of the 90’s Martin Margiela Hermes and remember OK, clear, should have a thread and follow certain criteria of the firm but the good memory consists of one turn more to continue to offer interesting ideas.

Lemaire has no more such androgynous proposal, broad shapes and minimalist taste. Against the good do the current summer 2012 and the African vision of the winter that we said goodbye to the catwalk of Paris stayed him big. Turned to see argentina inspiration with their Gauchos the same as the geometric festivity of the Asian part of Russia and Eastern taste that achieves the best result in the collection.

The mixture of patterns and colors also repeated presence at Hermes. The same as the resource of skins, a taste for leather, these hazardous groping with the tracksuit in some pants, the geometry of snap-ins, wallets which chests or briefcases, or some stylish hats that proposed larger and tilted.

Despite being a fan of this Hermes has been the collection of the firm that has less informed me over the years.

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