Help Philippine Typhoon Victims with Your Old Cell Phone

Steen Petersen travels on Friday to the Philippines, to donate old phones to emergency-how to get your mobile with he.

Since the latest fierce hurricane ravaged the Philippines, were many of the country’s small islands had been razed, and a giant reconstruction work is subsequently started.

Steen Petersen from Børkop travel on Friday to the family of the Philippines, to help a micro project of reconstruction around the island of Boracay. With him he takes a pile of used mobile phones in the Philippines must be sold for the benefit of emergency aid.

An old worn-out Nokia phone can perhaps bring 50 dollars on the Philippines, but when purchasing power is ten times larger, it will be equivalent to around 500 dollars, which can subsequently be used for emergency aid, in the form of food and medicine.

Steen Petersen tells to our site, to mobile coverage on many of the Islands very quickly was restored after the storm, why there are good opportunities for the use of the phones.

Do you have an old cell phone lying in the drawer, Steen Petersen will very much like to take it on his trip. Only requirement is that the phone is the company. A charger is not something ultimate requirements, since such can be acquired for very little money in the Philippines.

Do you want to support Steen Petersen’s project, you can drop off or send your old mobile to:

Munkebjerg Bed & Breakfest
Skovbyvej 56
7080 Bærkop

He travels with the family on Friday, so he should preferably have the phone in the mail no later than Thursday, but promises that any later-introduced phones will be sent to the Philippines.