Hats: What’s Your Style?

The hats in addition to beautiful and chic have the function of protecting us from the Sun, or often from the cold in the winter. There are inclusive models with sunshield FPU50 + UvLinebrand, which I love and super indico (got here in Fortaleza). Never goes out of style, and always leaves the look with that super cool and chic. Thinking of perfect the visual, he’s a super choice, being a very different accessory and that certainly won’t go unnoticed!

Nowadays, Panama model is the darling of the Brazilian summer season and super famous among the fashionistas on duty. I adorooo and used a lot on my vacation!

But you know the types of hats?

Panama:It is, for the most part, made of straw with closed and has a strip of fabric on top of the tab. Despite the name, is super popular in Ecuador. The size of the tab may vary, but is all made of the same size. In addition, the top of the head has a slight depression in the middle.

Floppy:he has the rounded top and wide tabs, arriving to form small waves. It is a remake of the 1970 and may be used in any occasion. Because it’s big, it’s suitable for taller women.

Beret:has the sweetest head and a very small tab. Can be used on several occasions, but only for the winter. Have to wear the full head.

Hat:the hat is best known in the world. Despite being touted as male enhancement, the chicks can use Yes saw. In addition to use for working out, running, also use to compose a look more fashion and casual.

Fedora:many people confuse with Panama, but this is made of felt, a rereading of the Decade of 1940. It has a concave on top, is tall and has small tab and raised. The back of the tab can be even more upset. Great for the colder days of the year.

Clochê:was famous in the years 1920, is very feminine and romantic. The model is French, your name means Bell and therefore follows the same design of your meaning.

Bowler or coconut:the cup of this hat is high and rounded, like the fruit. The aba is average and curved upwards. The your format is more masculine. Is the famous hat worn by Charles Chaplin and if you like, you should use with looks more feminine.

Al capone:are known to be used by mobsters. His model is more tapered and look good in women too, as long as they are with looks more masculine.

Matinee:this model has big tabs as the floppy, but a little more structured. Are also called umbrella, much used in Spain. Is great for an outdoor event and can be made of straw or fabric and your Cup is rounded.

Pillbox:famous in the years 1960 because of Jaqueline Kennedy. Is a super stylish model which fits very well with tailleurs and usually are made of thicker fabric, perfect for the winter.

Visor:nothing more than a flap, a CAP without the top. It was very famous in the years 1990 and brings ‘ what ‘ sports and cool to look, said Verity. Today the eyecups can be made in various materials that best suit for different occasions.

Cowboy:the model has high elongated Cup and large flaps and neatly folded on the sides, success sure to be used in a beach too.

Hat:it can be fitted on the head or more cute, with volume in the World Cup and should be used in winter. Are made of warm fabrics and softer to create the game that he proposes.

Fascinator: is a size and smaller sized than the Scull CAP, which is placed between the forehead and ear. It was created after the war, in 1940. Had no raw material, the crisis was great to create something bulkier and women began doing things to decorate the head, cool huh?!

Scull Cap:the simplest models have a bowl format. Are the darlings of Kate Middleton and larger than the fascinators. The latest have fancy designs and get to be pretty big.

Liked it? Which of these you would use? Kisses & conmentem!!!