Happy Decoration: Everything So Colorful Here

Temperatures around 20 degrees, sunshine and a breeze – what does it take to move all the activities outside, including food intake? That’s why I invited my mum-girlfriends and their kids to the terrace for coffee / O-juice last week.

I have to say: our garden and our terrace are not (yet) a feast for the eyes. When we moved into our cottage two years ago, our previous tenants handed us over, one by one, euphemistically, surrounded by nature, the garden itself, in which everything sprung up, the grooves of the terraces. This summer is to be finally changed and we start the large project garden conversion, but until it is so far, I have to help me with small beauty corrections.

Our colorful current my home collection came to me quite right, because it shines in all summer colors and has conjured from our dark terrace quickly a feel-good place. Particularly practical for the children, I find the lilac, orange and yellow water bottles with straws . Thanks to the re-screwable lid, no wasp, mosquito, fly or other small animal can fly into the drink. But should not be a moment, the whole content is not spilled immediately. But also the coffee cups of us Mamas are protected thanks to the cute silicone cover well in front of all animal print wallpaper.

The candles with LED lights could also score points with my friends. Jaaaaaaa, I know nothing is about real romantic candlelight, but have you ever sat with a three-year-old whirlwind at a table? There, the coffee is much more relaxed when you know that the candles do not cause a big fire when you tip over. Great thumb high so for this candle-light solution.

To get just a little bit more color on our dreary terrace and to put the toys for the girls in there, I have put up the colorful bags and boxes . These came naturally great with the kids  In addition, I could cool in one of the boxes with the original cooling pads our water bottles. In general, these pads with the pop-art ice-on-style, melon and strawberry prints are my favorites from my home collection! Densely followed by the sweet little paper lamps that conjure up a cozy beach atmosphere just at dusk. The wardrobe with the appropriate “Happy” lettering is, of course, not only suitable for the lanterns: My friend has now placed his grill chef apron on it

And for those who have only a small balcony available, their children still want to play in the sand, the mini-sand and paddling pool is exactly the right thing. Pails, molds and shovels are delivered directly and you can start with the small sand and water slaughter.

I hope I could give you a few suggestions how you can decorate with a few decoration accessories a cheerful and colorful oasis. Perhaps you have also a few tips for me, with what quick handgrips I can make our terrace more beautiful?