Hairstyle Tips For the Bride

The hippie look enchants brides all over the world.And what can not be missing in the Flower Power mood?The bride’s flower ring – a natural accessory for brides who plan a casual wedding in the open or simply love the blossoming splendor!

As with your bridal dress the flower wreath can be part of the party? Here we have many great example pictures for you, bet a few important tips and finally show a video to the Selbermachen!


  1. Real flowers for the flower wreath
  2. Floral ring from artificial flowers
  3. DIY: Video to do it yourself

1. Genuine flowers for the bride’s floral wreath

True flowers always look best with your flower ring.In order to extend the shelf life a little longer, the florist will give you an evaporation spray, which extends the shelf life (by the way, good for the bridal bouquet).Who wants to make the flower ring itself can wrap wet cotton around the stalks before they are bandaged with Floristentape.

The fresher the wreath, the longer it stays naturally. You should make him as much as possible at the wedding mornings made by the florist or a friend. Our tip:If you bind the flower ring the evening before, put it in a plastic bag in the refrigerator to keep it fresh.

Bridesmaid with floral wreath in autumn look

What flowers for the Blumenkranz?

Basically, you can choose all flowers for your floral ring. Fresh or dried flowers, leaves, herbs or grasses – you should only take care that the size of flowers and co. Matches and the weight does not become too high. During the compilation, you can inspire pictures or consult the florist in your area .

Which hairstyle for the flower ring?

Often the hair is worn open to the flower ring. Curls are ideal for casual hippie style on, the more natural the hair style looks, the better.Like a flower crown, the wreath is placed on your head or can also be worked in by the hairdresser.Of course you can use the Blumenkranz but also to a Hochsteckfrisur as an optical highlight.By the way, matching tapes that go into the hair (eg with a plait) look great.

2. Blumenkranz from artificial flowers

The flower ring for the bride can also look beautiful from artificial flowers. The advantage:no fear, whether the flowers over the day. In addition, you can revive your bridal dresses with floral wreaths – after all, blumenkirche also look great at the festival or the summer party.

Here are some examples from the Etsy shop “Manousche” from Augsburg. There you can buy the following floral wreaths (about 27 € to 70 €).

In the Etsy shop “EsozaFashion” from Wesel, the following floral garlands are available (about 26 € to 45 €).

3. DIY: Video to do it yourself

It is difficult to bind a floral ring for the hairstyle, but it can be done with some skill and practice.In the following video you can look at it and simply times even an attempt to start.From the florist, where you get the flowers worried, you can still be advised.

Tip:If you wear a flower wreath in the hair, take this element also elsewhere, eg with the flower children. Surely all invited girls are happy about a flower ring – a nice guest gift, which is made up of artificial flowers…!