Hair Lengthening Techniques

The hair is the frame of the face, and, for women, nothing like display it beyond beautiful and brilliant, too long. A preference, in particular, of Brazilian women, fans of long tresses and sensuous declared. However, many are not satisfied with the size of their hair, doesn’t have patience to wait for them to grow or, for certain reasons, cannot get naturally, longer wires. If your desire is to win more centimeters of hair, without having to wait a long time for this, meet, below, some stretching techniques.

-Apply in the hair: The apply is a technique that allows you to change the appearance in minutes, adapting quickly to any situation. The method can be of various shapes, where the artificial yarns can be placed, sewn or woven in natural yarns. Popularly known as extensions, is a technique of stretching that uses glue to attach the wires. There are different types of hair extensions at beauty tips, which can also be placed with artificial hair sewn into a fabric that is attached to the head with clips and can be removed at any time.

-Laser (Laserbeamer) Elongation: The treatment can be done on all types of hair. Perfect for those who don’t have patience, because in 30 minutes the device can hold 256 Wicks. The method consists of unit 1 1 pistol-shaped laser heats up, melts and fuses the keratin from the tip of each synthetic mecha with natural hair keratin. You can paste 32 locks at the same time. The time of application depends on the amount of locks, but is usually done in
30 minutes.

– With mini-cápsulas: Can be done on all types of hair. The method consists of mini metal capsules, which are trapped in the hair with a special plier (where the junction of wires is flattened). The application time varies on average 2 hours, depending on the amount of hair being applied.

– With Keratin polymer (Great Lenghts): this is an appliance that heats up and fuses the keratin polymer from the tip of each strand with the hair of the person. Can be done on all types of hair. During the procedure, the professional prepares the locks with keratin glue around the edges; a device with a clamp warms and unites the wick with the keratin hair. The application time lasts about 2 hours.

– With screen and American Point: A method that can be done on all types of hair, is indicated for fine hair, it gives greater volume to the hair. However, this method requires specific care of maintenance: at the time of washing, remove all residue of shampoo and conditioner and completely dry the wires. Otherwise, can retain moisture, stay with bad smell and cause scalp problems like dandruff and fungal infections. It is advisable to go back to the Salon at least every 15 days. It is made using a track with Wicks applied stuck in personwith hair buckles like tic TACs.