Hair Envy

For more work than their hair you take, you will never reach point to shave them, right? To help you get through the days of crisis brought by the winter sporting hair worthy of shampoo commercial, we went after the best tips for your locks shine.

Basic care

Hats and beanies: the use of these accessories with still wet hair can have serious consequences. Who explains Luckyg’s Flag, technical coordinator of the training center Keune Brazil. “They don’t help the dry, quite the contrary. The hair will become wrinkled and sweaty instead of dry. The constant use ends up drowning out the scalp and causing the fall of wires”.

Dryers and combs: one thing is for sure, is in the South, Southeast or Midwest of the country, when the temperatures drop, there’s no way to get out of the House with wet hair. But resorting to hair dryer can bring some damage to your locks.

Luckyg advises the following cautions: “there are thermal protectors that don’t leave the fiber of the burn. The hair is shiny. The products have a very pleasant smell and protects the hair from the heat of the dryer and the Board, even if you use every day. ” Comb your hair too much can also be harmful. If you cannot drop the habit of brush it several times a day, prefer wide-toothed combs to avoid the blow.

Here’s the ideal comb for your hair

Various types of hair: it doesn’t matter if your hair is wavy, curly hair, extremely smooth, with or without staining. After the cold days, what is essential is the good hydration of wires. Luckyg recommends: “as for the colors, the precautions are the same, but the recommendation is valid, thermal protectors, as well as some of the gel to make brush when the hair is curly or wavy. Straight & Style is a gel that creates a protective layer against moisture and causes the lasting brush. Will not be so easily that the hair will curl up again”.


It’s no use suffering with hair, the main idea is savage act. Winter didn’t give truce and the trend is that more rebels and frizzy due to moisture. Refer to treatments that control the natural moisture and provide balance. A go-to guy on this case is what contains silicone, which treats and moisturizes the hair.

“To treat your hair at home, a mask should be used. In the case of the hair being rebellious, frizzy, can be the Ultimate Treatment Control. After washing the wires, remove excess water with a towel and apply the Treatment (mask) in small quantities, massaging the wick Wick, leave for 5 minutes and then rinse. New technologies give excellent results with just a few minutes of action”, says Luckyg.


If you think it’s time to change the look, here are some touches on current trends indicated by Rodolfo Caetano, hairdresser, salon with units in the gardens and in Alphaville (SP).

Cuts: the trend of cutting are the medium hair, which are easier to handle and leave the visual hook. The modern woman seeking practicality, since reconciling career and family, and the ideal is not to complicate. When considering your cut, I value the feeling of well being, after all, this look will be kept for a few months. Ask for tips for a professional is important, but it’s not the deciding factor. What he considers great may not be of your liking.

Colors: bet on the coppery tones, chocolate and gold, which are killing it. The lighter to darker, the important is the tone. If the lights and locks are your unconditional preference, invest without fear! The colors will give all the charm, decreasing the monochrome visual effect.