H & M Revolutionizes the Runways with Their Collection Autumn/Winter

Two days ago it started the last Fashion week in the city of Paris. And as main course at the premiere guests coolest attended the parade organised by the firm low-cost H & M… Strong dish? Strong! And is that you seeing the images of the location, guest and other people, many firms of high level they are nothing (in regards to the organized spectacle). Increasingly commercial firms aimed at this type of event, and I just can say, welcome! Cool view on a catwalk clothing you know that if you like You can buy.

But high! You do not alteréis and embaléis, as this collection corresponds to the of Autumn/winter 2013 / 2014 and there is much to see in store. At the moment we have spend a whole summer super light, fluffy, and ultra cool clothing. But yes, I recognize that this collection awakens in me a fervent desire of autumn…

And it is that all the blame is it other than this White furry coat sailor striped. So writing seems most cani in the world, but of truth which is impressive and spectacular. What do you think?

An impeccable location

Part of the guilt that this collection triumphed so much and gave so much of talk was another its location. And it is that H & M relied on their ideas and decided to gather all their assistants at the Rodin Museum, set as a mansion if it were. The voguettes among which highlighted our beloved Emmanuelle Alt They sat on the dining room table specially decorated for the occasion.

But if I have to choose a site I stay with the room of the dwarves: rockets, bicycles, stuffed toys and beds serving front row. Can it be more original? I love it.

The Museum does not it lacked anything: spectacular bathrooms, other people who were in a room that was a sort of haima, the kitchen, the library or lobbies. Simply brilliant.

¿Habéis seen the video? Here leave so you alucinéis like me.

What did you think?