Guide for Beginners (XLVI): Pull-Ups or Traction in Horizontal Bar

Today in our beginner’s Guide, we will describe a exercise very complex that everyone must know and do it properly after a period of training, because it is not advisable in people that just start a routine, therefore, must know it well but run it after winning force in the back. It is of the dominated or traction in horizontal bar.

Execution of the chin-up technique

To begin to make dominated, as we have said before, we have to have some training time prior in order to be strong enough in the muscles that will be requested. We will also describe the exercise that every beginner should know.

To start the move Chin-up must take of a beam with hands so they are separate beyond shoulder width and palms look out (grip in pronation), from there, with your knees bent but with relaxed legs and whole body sharp but stretched, we started the exercise.

We inspire and make one traction in order to raise the whole body through the bending of the arms and the contraction of the muscles of the back, until the head is the height of the bar, and can pass it behind the neck or the front of the face.

We exhale at the end of the movement and We descend in a controlled manner until the arms are fully stretched again.

Muscles worked to be dominated

As we have said is an exercise that asks the muscles of the back, being worked together of them intense because it is of a exercise of autoload where the weight is our own body that must overcome gravity.

To perform pull-ups work is requested of the latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, lower portion of the trapezius and round higher. Also the participation is required of secondary muscles of arms way as they are the biceps, the long supinador and the brachial previous.

If we put less separate hands each other and carry out a narrower grip at the same time we put hands in Supination, i.e. with the Palms directed toward us, working more intensely arms.

To a lesser extent working to be dominated the chest, at the same time as the thickness of the back is developed.

Tips and frequently asked to perform pull-ups errors

  • Impulsarse with knees taking them to the chest: This implies that no we are performing well exercise, because the body must up and down slowly by the contraction of the muscles of the back.
  • Drop the body into the negative phase: during the descent the movement should be controlled to avoid injury and to get the most out of this exercise on muscle stimulation.
  • Body rocking or swaying: Since the exercise is performed by the contraction of the muscles of the back, the body must only up and down to represent the load during the tour, but should not mobilize, because we will be making to the boost wasting effort. The body should be straight down.
  • Do not stretch the arms fully: at the end of a repeat and before starting the next, dorsal should stretch out completely and arms should be extended in its entirety, if the bent preserves will be holding the body through contraction of the biceps.