Group Saved Geocities Will Release Content on Torrent

Last Monday it has been a year since the late Geocities was shut down by Yahoo. At the time, a group called the Archive Team announced that it would try to save pages of the site on their own servers. The team made ​​a kind of Googlebot and began to capture all sorts of still images, animated gifs and HTML codes rough that flooded the free hosting service. And now they have announced what they will do.

According to Jason Scott, group leader, all captured files will be compressed and released in a file torrent later this week. In total there are fewer than 900 GB of data saved on the servers of the Archive Team. And this is only the estimate of the content after pill. They could not save everything that was in the air, but Scott says that at one point of data capture in Geocities servers, the bandwidth traffic used by them reached 100 megabits per second.

So if you feel nostalgic longing for the internet 1999 with their codes in tables, animated bulletin ‘page under construction’ and files mid playing in the background automatically, follow the advice of the Archive Team and start to make room on your hard drive. More specifically 900 GB.