Green / Grey

Today I came clean and bright, decorated in a mini apartment, which has a base in grey and green palette. A priori could be an inside something ‘boring’ and with little personality, but it is not true. A style using mainly Nordic, and a minimalist touch with just parts for its decoration, leveraged the characteristics of the building as the ceiling with plaster moldings and windows. The entry of light allows you to give a blow of light to all space that is reinforced with light colors in neutral palette with whites and grays. Natural and fresh green color, is used to give movement and reinforce some volumes, gaining in naturalness and warmth. A Pearl Grey beautiful walls that makes it stand elements in white as you mouldings and furniture.

Formal beauty and beautiful pieces in a small space. The bedroom is very feminine with elements with textiles in warmer tones and textures loving. Ultimately, finishes of this space are impeccable and very careful, wood flooring also reinforces the point of comfort, and is placed in tune with the rest of the furniture. In this way, not noted or remove protagonism to the set. A chromatic range that always works with grey as a protagonist and that combined with white and land, the result will be serene and elegant.

Advantages of this chromatic range?: sober and timeless atmosphere + balance that reaffirms the warm colors and emphasizes the cold tones.

While the environment may seem cold, it is not. Because, as well as providing a point of sophistication to the set, the combination of colors that I propose today, it brings balance. In addition, supports many different colour combinations, allowing you to vary decoration more often with little touches and decorative gestures, do not you think?

Happy day to all!

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