Great Ajax and Little Ajax

The title of this article has nothing to do with the size of the Ajax Club in this season. No, this article is named after two legendary brothers petrels was gone over, Henk and Cees Groot. Together they were responsible for 66 goals this season from a total of 109 goals as Ajax would do this season. For the first time took Ajax 100 goals and 100 was made by Sjaak Swart. Bigger and better could not be caught 10 League title.

Buckingham Palace

Coach Karl Humenberger, who won the first League title with Ajax, resigned at the end of last season. AJAX was thus forced to look for another trainer. As for Englishman Jack Reynolds had achieved great results, they often looked to England for a successor. They had seven candidates in mind, but in the end the choice fell on the ex-pro Tottenham Hotspur Vic Buckingham. Because Buckingham moved to one of the houses in the Ajax Stadium, the arena was soon nicknamed “Buckingham Palace”. VIC Buckingham had total equity perspective on football and all that hung around it. So the first thing he had abolished the sauna of the players, but also nights at hotels in preparation for the big competitions. Any Vic Buckingham also has the advantage of not realized was heated up. To prevent the player before the end of the playing of a match would become fatigued because they are before the match had unnecessarily building which was the next thing that fell under his leadership.
Big Brothers
VIC Buckingham understanding of football was resurrected when his transmissions were known. From OVVO acquired Co Prins and his best move was the arrival of the brothers Henk and Cees Groot of petrels. The duo made on the Assembly line, and that would not be unusual in Ajax service. The more than one hundred goals to Ajax did this season, but no guarantee for the Championship. All 109 goals was in the following events with the following results;
Ajax Eredivisie Matches
The final match against Feyenoord, led to both clubs in exactly the same number of points came out.AJAX had a bad end of the competition, for six games before the end they still had a lead of six points. Feyenoord got the last two points to share in the mutual confrontation, with the result that the final standings in the Premier League this season was as follows;

Final Stand Eredivisie.

Decision Contest

As goal difference was not decisive for the League title, but Ajax had experienced before, the total number of points, must continue to play a crucial match to force a decision in the title fight.Feyenoord, which after the 3-0 win at Ajax is considered superior, had no bit nkligheter that the match would be played at the Olympic Stadium. It also had to do with the bad results in the last few years, had Ajax won the stage. A long buscolonne full of Feyenoord supporters made the trip from Rotterdam to Amsterdam South.
On 26 May 1960 was time. AJAX and Feyenoord are performed for the deciding match in the race for the League title. AJAX started the match well. Opportunities for Prince, Henk Groot and Swart, but that did not lead to lead Ajax. It was Feyenoord took the lead by capitalizing on a penalty, which was given because Muller made the unfortunate happens. And as Ajax was 0-1 with a posterior tooth starts out the second half. AJAX had to make this competition without his injured ankle Cees Groot. It was the season that had almost the entire Bleyenberg played in second, a chance to show his class. With the equalizer, he brought a dramatic change in the game. Henk Groot and Sjaak Swart got spirit and made 2-1 and 3-1.For Bleyenberg but this was not enough and the two hits he makes a true Ajax party there. The vengeance was complete; Feyenoord had to start with a 5-1 loss to return to Rotterdam. Thus it happened that the tenth title of Ajax and either the first and only under the supervision of Vic Buckingham, has not come in “Buckingham palace”. The party was not less. AJAX celebrated their tenth League title and fourth Amsterdam together.

Absolute top scorer was Henk Groot with 38 goals. His brother Cees knee in 29th. Sjaak Swart scoring with 22 goals, also a decent penny in your pocket. Anderiesen and Mourik played any official matches this season. It was fun to spectators in the stand stand at 9-0 win at Ajax Volendam but an entrance Guilders paid at that time. It was something more than eleven per cent target. You can feel free to talk about value for money.