Google Will Use Jambool Platform to Earn More with Orkut

The Google announced today at the Google Developer Day a new possibility for application developers orkut earn money with their games and web programs. The Jambool, payment platform acquired by the company last year, finally won one use today to become the official platform to sell virtual goods on Orkut.

In the current model, developers are responsible for the monetization of their applications themselves. They choose and control which method of payment is accepted, the value of the conversion rate for virtual currencies and even support. This is the case of Happy Harvest, for example, implemented its own payment system and also supports the Brazilian PagSeguro. With Jambool, this structure becomes the responsibility of Google, including online support is 24.

Developers who do not want to use the payment platform can continue as they are, Google will not force them to use Jambool. And those who choose the method orkut will pay 10% on financial transactions to Google to use the service. Ca-ching!