Google Should Also Launch Intelligent Watch

Company already has even product patent, which would communicate with Android smart phones.

The fight in the smart watches market already counts with three technology giants, even without any product has been officially presented. After speculation involving Apple and confirmation that Samsung works on a device, now it was the turn of Google to give the faces.According to the Financial Times report, there are indications that the search giant is developing a watch next to the Android sector, unlike other designs of the genre–like the car that drives alone – which are usually touched by the division X Lab.

A person familiar with the subject said that the device will work as an extension of smart phones, so it makes more sense to involve the Android team, after all, there’il be direct communication through the operating system. This font also stated to FT that the works are being driven separately to Samsung’s designs.

Google has a patent of 2011, but only approved in 2012, which corroborates the speculation.

The document describes a “smart watch” with tactile dual screen and camera: “Various features of a device often require the user to access the device at inconvenient times to perform the desired function.”

Not all patents become products, of course, but there is a strong movement in the market compared to watches, which can start already with three giants challenging themselves.