Google Search out of the Air: the First Sign of the Apocalypse?

Readers and readers of TB, it was a pleasure to write to you. Now I just know that is inaccessible to many users in Brazil, the only possible explanation is that we are near the end of the world and so now I will say goodbye in advance. The machines have dominated the planet and began to decimate humanity blacking out one of the most useful tools on the internet. A hug to everyone. Continue to read the post if the Earth has not blown.

Okay, now more serious: it is not normal that Google exit the air without explanation. But that’s what seems to have happened. Several Twitter users have noted that they can not search using the search engine. Any attempt to access or its Brazilian version, either in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, returns a server page not found.

Google has not officially announced anything yet. But I can bet that the company’s income will suffer serious damage if it falls out of the air for more than an hour. On the other hand, Bing search and the Yahoo should rise further.

Upgrade to 16:23 | Google returned! Apparently it was even a DNS problem that affected not only the system search but other services like Docs and Google Reader. But there is nothing to fear more, Google has already returned to work. It’s okay now.

Upgrade to 16:52 | Create the relevant poll below, until we found the official cause Google have gone off the air in Brazil.