Google Receives a Million Requests to Remove Links a Day

The fight against piracy can irritate you when you take your videos YouTube air, but gives much more work for Google. According to TorrentFreak, the company receives currently one million requests per day to remove content that uses the work of others.

It is a new record, beating the old in just one week: were 7.8 million requests last week, 10% more than the previous one, which was the peak.

To get a sense of how the links removal requests increased in recent years, in 2008 there was one every six days – which made ​​the job easy analysis of the content and violated laws before removing. Now, it’s one every 8ms.

The result of this giant increase is that Google filter to remove links needed to be automated and, as the machines have not yet mastered the man, is not as accurate and just removing the air links that are erroneously reported – not today spoken in abuse in removal requests.

While Google ensures that does what it can to analyze and remove the links, is obviously not enough and industry professionals claim that more could be done. The RIAA (Association of the US Phonographic Industry, in free translation), for example, makes the radical suggestion that entire domains are removed to start controlling the amount of reported links.

The issue has been taken to the American court and is being analyzed by all stakeholders, including to Internet providers, to reach the conclusion of how to deal with it effectively. Until then, Google needs to turn to optimize the analysis and removal of links, and as soon as possible, since the number of reported links have no chance of abating.