Google Patents a Search Engine So That You Find When You Want What Has Happened in Your Life

A camera on a device, wearable and storage of everything that happens in our life. Think of that scenario is not outrageous, so given that possibility, Google has not left to escape chance to patent a search engine that will allow us to access at any time to what has happened in our lives.

THE method patented by Google is quite generic. In the description of the patent Google indicates that the basis of those memories and experiences will be the video that we burn continuously with a wearable device, which would be responsible for sending the content to our smartphone and then to central servers.

Labeling our memories

Already in the cloud, those memories would be accessible for the user, which as already happens with photos and other content, could tag for a better back search.

But sunglasses, appearing in the patent as a basic element for the recording of what happens to our round, also would be part of the task of organizing information through the Geolocation and added the date and time in which everything happens to our around.

Another way to use Google patent that is video for our “indexing memory” only at certain times. It may be according to location or at certain times, such as a trip, arriving to a place known or important… The wearable would detect that we have planned to record it every day at lunchtime or arriving at the place of vacation, and this will engage automatically.

Ask the search engine to remember something and share it

And how have you thought Google that we look for in our memories? With voice. A system which is reflected in the patent We can directly ask about something that we did in the past to go back to that experience in video. Or that we can check certain information such as what ate or who were the other night based on those recorded “memories”.

As nowadays share on social networks is something that is associated with our experiences, Google patent has also thought about this and will leave that, if we want, that recovered memory we can share with our contacts.