Google Fixes Gmail Mobile Display on iPhone

The Google announced on Thursday that corrected the way some aspects of Gmail in the mobile version was presented to users carrying one iPhone or iPod Touch. They may be small details, I know, but make all the difference for demanding users of any platform created by Apple, whether desktop or mobile.

You see in the image below the comparison with the before and after the changes provided by Google itself. The main difference is in the bar with the buttons related to actions to messages, how to archive or delete. Previously, when you select one or more messages, a floating bar accompanied the page scrolling with some action buttons. Now, these buttons are in a bar in the Safari Mobile window footer. Much more practical!

In my view, these changes show that Google is interested in offering a webmail service that is integrated into the common interface of the iPhone / iPod Touch. Because of this, the company saw fit to adopt a button bar positioning similar to that which can commonly be found on iOS.

Did you notice the change? Pleased or displeased? I await comments!

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