Google Classroom, Online Environment for Students and Teachers, is Launched Globally

Announced in May this year and in tests since the final version of Google Classroom (in Brazil, Google Classroom) was launched globally this week. This is an online platform that focuses Google tools to assist and promote educational activities.

The idea is to allow schools and universities around the world can use the service to facilitate communication between students and teachers, as well as stimulate the interest of students by subjects offered from online activities.

To fulfill this mission, Google Classroom brings together services like Gmail, Drive and existing productivity tools in the latter (the editors and spreadsheets old Docs).

The main difference from traditional versions of the services mentioned is that in the Classroom, the tools are free of advertisements and are complemented by a focused environment in tasks and communication between students – there is even a kind of chat for clarification of doubts with teachers.

In the test phase, done with dozens of schools and universities, Google received a number of suggestions that were implemented in the final version. For example, teachers complained that they could only guide students in certain tasks after the activity was delivered. Now you can do it from the beginning.

According to Google, the Classroom is available in 42 languages, including Portuguese in Brazil. To use the new, the institution concerned must have joined the Google Apps for Education.

The service is free for public schools and universities. private educational institutions are subject to a fee whose value varies according to the number of participating teachers.