Google 4.3 Camera Becomes Silent, If You Want to

Version 4.3 of Google camera, the camera application previously available for more devices but limited to Nexus, Pixel from 2015 will finally allow you to do something that leaves you almost any camera application already: mute the sound.

Until now, if you wanted to take pictures in your Nexus or Pixel discreetly should make use of all your ingenuity that trigger you not betrayed: mute the phone completely, connect headphones, root the device or use the camera application different that Yes had the option. No more, finally Google Camera lets you take pictures in silence.

You’ll find the new option in the settings of the application, under the discreet name of Sounds of the camera, an option enabled by default. If you want the Google camera to become silent, Unchecks the option and will void all sounds, i.e. the sound of the trigger, the approach and the timer.

Probably want to leave the activated sounds if you use the timer and the back camera frequently, but for the rest of the cases it will depend on your preferences. I personally prefer the trigger to have sound, although sometimes it is better to silence him to avoid disturbing others or attract looks of disbelief after 30 photos to the same coffee.

Google camera 4.3 you will you as an update in Google Play If you have one of the supported devices. For the moment, the APK is not available anywhere for the most impatient.