Globalization Manages 45 Million Dollars of Investment with Google as The Protagonist

The popular globalization language learning service takes several years struggling to offer a valid alternative in this segment. Their benefits have already managed to conquer, say its makers, to 100 million users -do not specify how many assets- and this commitment to education has now received the backing of a group of investment firms.

Google Capital He leads the $ 45 million round receipt of globalization and that its assessment is situated at 470 million dollars. The presence of this singular gamification (or ludificacion) that encourages students to actively participate in the tool, whose students have access to a tutor and can also achieve a certification to validate their level of studies.

The system of globalization – had the opportunity to interview its creator, Luis von Ahn, a few months ago – highlights inter alia by clearing role of mobile devices -Although born as a web service – and by the options offered by this approach to the problem of teaching environments where access to education is more problematic, as it is the case with countries in developing.

Globalization managers have indicated that the money invested by Google Capital and investors from previous rounds “will be used for” increase the level of customization and effectiveness of globalization and to distribute the platform to more schools around the world.” There are probably also an imposed their certifications, one of the most promising areas of this singular service and that they want to try to compete with much more expensive and complex titles get as famous certifications TOEFL.