Glasses for Each Type of Face Soap Opera Glasses Trends

Glasses For Each Type Of Face-Soap Opera Glasses Trends, Colors

The glasses is the new national craze and inspired by the glasses of the novels so demand is greater still by the accessory.

Are square, round glasses, mirrored, colored, Aviator, Kitty, angled, thin and colorful, great, finally, a multitude of models and fashion of sunglasses that comes making the difference in looks.

For each face type is recommended a type of glasses, it will get better and combine more, harmonizing the visual.

See below for tips on how to use the glasses or frame ideal for your type of face, seeing the trends of glasses of the novels.

Eyeglass Trends For Each Face Type

Helena, Julia Lemmertz character of the novel “In Family” uses eyeglasses angled, which blends well with oval and round faces. Sometimes she appears with an oval glasses, which combines with square face.

Already the kitten used by Clear glasses, character of Giovanna Antonelli, combines with oval and triangular faces and goes well with hair that is trapped and released. A trend that has marked time in the 50 and returned with all for women who like to innovate.

The glasses used by Luiza, Bruna Majmudar, character is the kitten modernized, the clubmaster. Ideal for triangular face, also goes well in square or round face and “Kitty” must pass from the side of the eyes.

Chica also of the novel “In Family”, Natálie character of the Valley uses the Aviator glasses, which combines with triangular faces and ovals.

Marina, Tainá Müller character wears glasses and large squares that go well in any type of face.

The round glasses and large do the style of the character Flavia Hasegawa in the novel “beyond the horizon”, Héloïse twinkling in your large round glasses, which combines with square and triangular faces. In delicate faces, these glasses should not exceed the size, round face women should avoid the round glasses too much.

Check Out Eyewear Trends Colors And Effects

The thin and colorful glasses used by Celina, Mariana Rios in “beyond the horizon”, in almost any type of face, except the square face that will score even more the format.

For the classic, the women are black or tortoise glasses that are easier to match the look.

The trends of colored glasses are good for modern women.

Red frame color is ideal for those who wear glasses all day and to change the look. Red blends well with fair skin, blond or red hair.

People will light the Brunettes face with other colors and not the red one.

Frosted metal frames and acetates are also very fashionable.