Givenchy Spring/Summer

The good thing about having a great brand behind is that sometimes you can stand, sit in the Chair and lack of inspiration to go renewing and looking for a higher risk with which grow pull file. Riccardo Tisci He retired from Haute Couture in December 2012 and left us without further Givenchy in the format of the greater luxury, instead not us has deprived of seeing one collection spring-summer 2015 monotonous and far from a history which precedes it.

On October 22 the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum will devote an exhibition to Hubert de Givenchy. A recognition that comes at the same time its current takeover of the brand decided to launch this collection which recreates in his Bohemian-inspired again and again. The sense of deja vu leaves us with his Mary in leathers, transparencies, his musketeer boots, cross detail, the game’s two color patches that also translates into black and white stripes between crossings, blouses and flight.

Something new? Something interesting and groundbreaking? Something Givenchy? There are low-cost brands offering more interesting new features in each collection without the need of putting three zeros behind each number.

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