Givenchy Spring/Summer

With Saint Laurent and Givenchy converted on two of the references of the avid clone industry as follows Spring-summer 2014 Riccardo Tisci decides to put a clear distance between the markets. This time there will be almost no pattern that can copy, forms and style is as far as we imagine Street while he takes the French brand to three different enclaves. Instantly, it is easy to remember any image seen in Africa, Japan and India.

Riccardo Tisci put Earth’s through with his recent collaborations and on those also the dwarves grows. The clone be indoors, as they do echo from ABC, in skirt which is clear we’ll see next spring to rage. Brazilian designer submitted this picture its instagram soon ended the parade of Givenchy. Tufi Duek (who had modelled in March 2013) from Givenchy. It can be that in the end a single source mark is the result of this coincidence.

The expert in getting the famous to dazzle on the red carpet seems to look to the opposite side than some of his contemporaries. If some want to lower their collections to Earth he prefers to upload them to the Haute Couture and the vision of other brands such as Af Vandevorst. The Belgian school from any accessible attempt in prom dresses, cross-shaped, the drapes and the way of treating the volumes.

Japan leaves US his Samurai specials, deconstructed pieces, as if they had emptied and Givenchy only had stayed so cool you. The Asian print leaves scope to colors and African designs in a more autumn collection that summer where missing the gloss or hair.