Givenchy Autumn/Winter: Playing to Innovate

Away from the sleek to which we are accustomed Riccardo Tisci, the collection Autumn/winter 2013 / 2014 of Givenchy It is surprising by its striking patterns and by the clear mention of the children with Disney characters. And it is that after eight years in the House, the Creative Director of the French firm wanted to do something different.

Highlights the oversize & sweatshirts with mix of striking prints, from animal print to ethnic passing by flowers too exaggerated, especially when they are accompanied by bright colours such as yellow, representing the pure Victorian style.

I always come to the archives of Givenchy. By chance I found things I did when I was younger. It has been one of the most fun collections I’ve done in my career.

The more childlike side we see this in the Sweatshirts with Bambi as the protagonist, combined with stylish with striking rajas pencil skirts. Without a doubt the most stylish piece of all the parade. And is that the skirts will also see them with sensual transparencies, my favorite proposals, together with the female coats.

What less successful I think have been the looks, since each model wore too many items on each output, giving rise to style extremely Baroque.