Gigaset Elements Siren Alarm Siren

Over a year ago I have the Gigaset elements Starter Kit tried with some additional sensors and reported. Especially the additional module Gigaset elements camera had me done. Since the set is always in use. Firmware and app updates are always eagerly awaited and out is eager for changes and improvements mainly kept.

Currently, I’m sitting on the Gigaset elements siren sensor , an additional sensor which plugs into an electrical outlet, raise the alarm, if such, for example, from the motion sensor Gigaset elements motion is triggered. A siren 90 seconds is a “deterrent alarm signal” by itself is promised.

The extension works, like all Gigaset elements sensors, only in conjunction with the base station of the Gigaset elements Starter Kit. Registration is via the Gigaset elements app (iOS or Android). Once you start the app, the pairing button has to be pressed to the base station and sensor simultaneously. Pay attention to a sign-up distance of no more than one meter between sensor and base station.

If the application is made, the new sensor appears in the system overview of the app. After connecting me a firmware update Gigaset been displayed siren. The update can start by clicking on the message and the sensor icon and took in me present here Gigaset elements siren several minutes. A strange cracking when cracking Morse noise could describe it was to hear directly from the siren during the entire update process. Previously, this was unfortunately the only sound that gave the siren alarm siren of itself.

I am still not been successful the siren alarm siren to elicit more tones. She is recognized in the system and displayed as online, however all alarms as they let remain silent. Reset, new registration, the base station restarts, nothing helped.

Annoyingly, and troubleshooting aggravating, the siren will also be displayed as online and active even though it was already removed, as well hours later. then appeared Irgendwan during the day, the message that the siren is no longer active. As I said, hours later. Surprising and annoying, because in an emergency, the failure of the siren would be so reported until hours later. In the model I present here I can reproduce it.

Meanwhile, I have given up. The siren is for the time being back in the garage and I dedicate myself to other sensors which I will report in the coming days and weeks still.

No question, the possibilities that could open the Gigaset elements Set and the associated sensors be quite interesting. If because everything would finally work correctly as it is promised by aBlogtoPhone elements. Here, however, still a lot of work seems to be necessary. In particular, the accessibility of the Gigaset cloud leaves to be desired, especially what lies fail miserably my Gigaset elements camera experiments.

The whole Gigaset elements scenario, especially the various combinations of sensors, is still not mature. The device, as simple as it may be envisaged, requires a lot of time, patience and a cool head. Faulty sensors, errors, failures, the previous result is sobering. It simply is not going smoothly. Still not.

The Gigaset elements siren alarm siren is after several attempts just not operational.Contact the support is added and excited waiting for feedback.

The hope I nevertheless admit not quite on. Gigaset elements has potential. With the versatile, mostly battery powered sensors different scenarios could be implemented.Could. Yet it is not so far. Let’s hope that will continue to work diligently and optimize the system.

The Gigaset elements starter kit (. Alarm system including base station, door sensor and motion sensor) is currently available for 159, -EUR to have (as of 05/2016), the price of the Gigaset elements siren alarm siren is as short as 40,-EUR (Stand 06 / 2016).