Giambattista Valli Autumn/Winter: a Glass of Bordeaux and Cigarette

Watch some parades is sitting in a smoking room in which dreams emanate smoke cigars in the form of dresses or trimmings. We know they will dissipate in a few minutes, those who smoke take to disappear, that we will not return them to see or touch, but that’s what makes them magic and desirable. The parades of Valli they belonged to this select club, but so small membership clubs you can not commit a fault in the forms, nor at the bottom.

The forms of Giambattista Valli are those that we have sorely missed in his collection for the Autumn/winter 2012 / 2013.

Nothing uplifting us more fashionista than a good collection of wonderful proposals of Sissis of the new century and that possibly in life we will never touch, we will take and we smell. For this reason, contemplate that nothing of this, a certain whiff of commercial there is it has permeated everything, makes us down to reality in that now, more than ever, we prefer to spend a little time.

Maybe their inclusion the the Haute Couture Since January is a reason to relax or that the times are not for vain flourishes and empty volumes, but there is much Valli that despite its patchwork, their furs, their glitters and gauze, not we see here.