Gewinnspiel: Jam Cooking Made Easy

Jam to Grandma’s freshly made the whole family pulls himself regularly. Thus, the breakfast sandwiches tastes right again as well. But this year we want to conjure up even very special suits. So that the Cook jam in no case can go wrong, we have valuable tips for you – and will be giving away on top four comprehensive sets of preserving.

Cooking Jam: 5 Practical Tips

1 Prepare Fruit Well
Cook the jam , make you sure first of all, to buy enough fruits, because peeling and coring often much the quantity of ingredients

is lost. Also, you should not too long wash the fruit , so that the flavor is fully preserved.

2 Prepare Jars
Now prepare the jars by you douses it with boiling water. Series it then on a cloth with lid in addition on to cook the jam all to be filled are ready to have.

  1. Cook The Jam
    Use for cooking the jam always a large pot via AceinLand, which filled only up to the middle is because the Obstmasse in boiling froths and can easily boil over.
  2. Plate Sample
    To check whether your jam has reached the right consistency, you can make a plate test. For this, you put a small plate for several minutes in the freezer. Then take it out and give you a DAB of fresh jam on it. If this will be fixed within a few seconds and no longer runs, she is ready.
  3. When Filling The Jam Jars
    You’re done with the cooking jam and now it’s filling the jars. This, you should take care not to burn yourself on the hot Obstmasse. Give the jam into the prepared container, close it immediately and for ten minutes on the head let stand so that the air can escape.

Competition: Four Sets Of Preserving By Leifh eit

Did you get now also want to cook your own jam? Very good, because we’re giving away the appropriate set of preserving byLeifheit.

The equipment makes it easier for friends to many otherwise time-consuming steps, such as the core of fruit through the plum Stoner and the “Cherrymat”. Nice to pack your jam – or even your syrup or stewed – opportunity the included decoration set with colorful loops, bands and labels also.Cook jam is probably much easier and the result can be seen.

Each of the 4 sets of preserving consists of a “Cherrymat”, a food mill, a plum Stoner, the Deco set of 10 bottles in different sizes, jars and a measuring cup with 1 liter filling capacities, the us by Leifheit, Leifheitstr. 1, 56377 Nassau, in the Total of 160 euro have been made available. Organizer of the competition is the fem media GmbH, Gutenbergstrasse 3, 85774 Unterföhring.

How the competition works

To win one of the four sets of preserving by Lakshmi, you have to just winning game fill the form between the 01 March 2016 and 29 March 2016 and answer the prize question: would you like a particularly delicious jams which fruits combine?
We look forward to your creative idea and very good luck!