Get to Know Some of Philips’ Most Cost-Effective Headsets

When it comes to handsets, Philips is often reminded of the cost-effectiveness of their equipment.With several models, the brand may be an alternative for those looking for headphones with good sound quality, but do not want to spend a fortune. TechTudo made a list of the top five headphones in the company.Check it.

Here’s how to use and get the most out of your bluetooth headset via perComputer.

SHE 3900BK

If you think that to have a good phone it is necessary to invest high.An example of this is the SHE 3900BK.Costing around $ 40, it has some features present in the most expensive headphones, such as gold-plated connector and box made of metal.Intra-headset, it has 107db of sensitivity, 16 Ohm impedance and frequency response of 10Hz-22KHz.

SHP 2500

Another good option for Philips is the SHP 2500. The phone’s strong point is the comfort provided by the soft fabric of the shells, which does not bother even for those who spend many hours of use.It has a very large 6m cord, which may be interesting for those who need to connect the accessory on the TV, but it is not very practical for those who use the smartphone on the street.The weakness is due to the construction of the handles, which are very fragile and need extra care to not be damaged.It features 106db of sensitivity, 32 Ohm impedance and 15Hz-22KHz frequency response.Its price is around $ 60.


The SHQ420 has durability as its main attribute.Aimed at outdoor activities, it is resistant to rain and sweat and weighs only 8 grams.Another plus point is the cable, which is coated with Kevlar, even fabric used in bulletproof vests.Regarding the quality of the audio, the model does not leave anything to be desired either.It has 16Ohm of impedance, 102db of sensitivity and frequency response of 15Hz – 22KHz.The price is about $ 120.

CitiScape SHL5605GN/10

Lightweight and discreet, the CitiScape SHL5605GN / 10 can please anyone who wants a headset that does not draw so much attention.It has microphone in the wire, which is interesting for those who listen to music on the smartphone, since it allows to answer calls.The handset features MusicSeal, a system developed by Philips that prevents audio leakage.It has impedance of 30 Ohm, 104db of sensitivity and frequency response 18HZ – 22KHz.The suggested price is R $ 150.

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SHL 3050WT

For those looking for a lightweight and portable, ear-wrapped headphone, the SHL3050WT can be very interesting. It has a sleek design, white with red details, has rotating shells and can be folded completely, which is very useful for those who need to keep it in small bags. The Philips SHL 3050WT features 106db of sensitivity, 24 Ohm impedance and 20Hz-20KHz frequency response. It can be found for about $ 90.