Get the Best Philips Headphones for Up to $ 100

The user who is looking for a new headset can find good models from Philips for an economical price of up to $ 100. Headphones with external shells can be used day to day, with greater immersion of sound for video conferences or music.

Find out which type of headphone suits you best

Check out the list of six Philips headphone options for a set value and see the major model specifications in .Some devices offer compact design with external microphone.

1) SHL1700 – R $ 64.90

Are you looking for a handset with a compact design for day to day use?The SHL 1700 model may be ideal.The ear shells are cushioned for comfort.The model is lightweight (67.9 g) and the speaker is 32 mm with 30 mW input.The cable has a P2 plug (standard 3.5 mm) and the design has adjustable and foldable straps.

2) SHM1900 – R $ 65

This headset model can be used for music or games, with adjustable external microphone.The shells are large and cushioned, with volume adjustment on the handle.The sound quality is stereo, with a 40 mm speaker and a power of 100 mW.The connector is a P2 (standard) and the handset has a weight of 200 g.

3) SHL3060 – R $ 77.15

The headphone features padded acoustic shells with noise isolation ideal for listening to music on a daily basis.The design is foldable, making it easy to carry with adjustable straps .The highlight is the powerful bass and the speaker drivers are 32 mm.The connection is via P2 cable with 12 meters in length and the total weight is 125 g.The model is available in white, black, red, blue and purple colors.

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4 ) SHM3550 – R $ 78.90

For those who prefer a more compact design, the Philips multimedia headset has adjustable straps and the shells are padded for comfort.The model comes with external microphone and the sound driver is 32 mm, with noise cancellation.The connectors are in P2 (standard) and the model has a weight of 50 g.This unit is suitable for videoconferencing and music.

5) SHP2500 – R $ 89

The headset features wide circular shells with acoustic reflector, and the design is padded.The highlight is in low tones, ideal for movies on TV, music and games.The power is 500 mW with 40 mm speaker diameter.The connector is P2, but there is also P10 stereo input.In addition, the cable, 6 meters long, has volume control.The weight is 480 g with adjustable straps.

6) SHL3000 WT – R $ 91.90

The headphone has DJ-style monitoring, which allows you to adjust indoors and outdoors.The acoustic system is closed, with sound insulation.The speaker drivers are 32 mm and the sensitivity is 106 dB.The foldable design makes it easy to carry the device and the handles are adjustable.The shells offer cushioned coating and are rotating.In addition, the cable has P2 connector (standard 3.5 mm) with a length of 1.2 m.

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