Gaypon Enters the Air as Coupons Site for Gays

Today has discount coupon site of all kinds for all audiences and for all tastes. Tuesday that enters the air in the United States over a site like that, this time aimed at a different audience: homosexuals. The Gaypon comes with specific discounts for gay members.

Following the lines of Groupon (and the other thousands of sites just like in the US), the Gaypon promises daily forward certain offers for registered users. The idea is that people buy the product at a discount after a certain number of users commit to play that offer.

But what Gaypon’s different? First of all, it is the coupon site discount that back to the gay audience (at least I have been knowing). You need to have the courage to, these days, to sell his service as something for homosexuals – although there is research that indicates that the public has more money to spend.

The main service point is the support it offers to organizations supporting the gay cause. A part of the amount collected by Gaypon will be donated to such organizations in order to continue with the fight already battling towards a world with more equality between people.

For a trade to be accepted as Gaypon partner, he has before his historic checked in search of possible complaints of discrimination and related situations. The more “friendly gay” is an establishment, the faster it enters the list of offers that coupons site offers.

Above all, the Gaypon is not a site just for gays. Anyone can register there to receive offers. In the end, they want to encourage local trade and break, raise some money to support the cause GLS.