Games, Music and Sports: See Tips for Choosing Ideal Headset

The headset is practical for those who enjoy privacy and greater immersion.In Brazil, the user will find several models, one for each style.Likes sports?So maybe it’s worth investing in a waterproof and sweat-proof device.As for game fans, headphones with large shells and extra features can give the game a head start.3D audio offers a distinctive touch for anyone who likes music or wants more complete audio.

Will it matter?Get to know quality headphones to enjoy music

To help with the purchase, see the following list with five tips.Also check out the price range of each headset, whether it’s for games, music, sports, or videoconferencing.

1) For those seeking comfort

When the user searches for a headset  at Cellphoneexplorer with the main advantage of being comfortable a good tip is to search for an ergonomic model .This means that the device is manufactured with design and specifications to provide more hours of use without causing problems.Normally, the models also have a lighter weight and adjustable stems, if it is a headphone or headset.

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In this category there are also ergonomic earbuds in the in-ear format, with better fit.Philips models (SHQ330) are available for sale nationwide from $ 120 and Sony (AS400) priced at $ 169.

2) For those who practice sports

Using a headset to listen to your favorite music and answer calls while practicing physical activity may be simpler than you might think.That’s if you bet on the correct model, waterproof and sweat, with built-in microphone.If you want more freedom there are wireless options.

In Brazil, the user will find several cheaper models, such as the Atrio ES081 of R $ 49 from Multilaser .There is also a more advanced like the Sony Active Sports that currently costs $ 99.

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3) For who is a gamer

Playing with more comfort and audio immersion can add to your favorite game.So, investing in a headset specialized for this type of use may be a good idea and what is not missing are models for sale in Brazil.

Around here you can find cheap gamers headsets costing up to $ 150 and they are equipped with microphone for the commands during the game.Already Razer , which is a famous brand in the gamer market, are priced a little more expensive, between $ 299 and $ 1,000, such as Razer Kraken, Carcharias, BlackShark and Razer Tiamat 7.1.

4) For music

Listening to your favorite songs with good audio quality makes all the difference.Thinking about it, the user can search for a headset with 7.1 channel audio technology or even models with 3D sound , which offers greater immersion with 360 degree audio.For the latter, the price is from $ 300 in online stores with the model Bloody G501 reaching $ 1,200 with the headset AKG N60NC.

If you want wireless devices for more freedom while listening to music, in the Brazilian market the user can buy cheap models of Bluetooth headsets priced up to $ 170 and can be paired with the cell phone, computer and more devices with the technology.There are also more discreet headphone options for those who do not want to draw attention to the street, with a compact design.

5) Chat with friends

For those who are a fan of videoconferences or audio calls on PC or cell phone, the search is for headphones with a built-in microphone.So you can spend more time on a WhatsApp call or chatting on Skype with no problem.A model with smaller dimensions is also indicated, since this function does not require so much of the audio quality and it is more comfortable a light device to spend more time.

The user can find models priced up to $ 100 for the best headphones with microphone for PC .Anyone who is looking for greater mobility can invest in a wireless headset with Bluetooth, which has good models with a price of up to R $ 300 in Brazil .

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