GalaxyS4 Is the Best Smart phone, Says Consumers ‘ Association

After tests, Consumer Reports put more advanced unit of the line from Samsung with Android OS ahead of Optimus G, manufactured by LG.

The smart phone Galaxy S4 Galaxy line of Samsung, are in first place in the ranking of best smart phones conducted by Consumer Reports at, consumer defence Association in the United States. In tests performed by the technicians of Consumer Reports, Galaxy S4 displaced Optimus G, manufactured by LG, who took first place in the ranking for a few months.

Compare the Galaxy S4 with rivals

According to Consumer Reports, the unit has a 5-inch high screen resolution (1080 p) “excellent”, which is sensitive enough to be played when you’re wearing gloves.

The appliance is also named as the best for having “real multitasking”, since it allows you to open two parallel applications. “The drums and call quality varied slightly between carriers, as well as with the Optimus G”, says the team of the Association, in a statement.

One of the differences of the product, according to the Association, is the infrared sensor is integrated into the product and lets you control TVs, set-top boxes and DVD players and Blu-ray discs manufactured by different companies.

Galaxy S4 with pure Android

According to Consumer Reports, the Association “is looking forward” to test the Galaxy S4 with Android operating system “pure”, announced by Google during your Developer Conference, Google i/o, held in San Francisco (USA) last week. The product arrives in u.s. stores in late June.

Some rumors indicate that the Galaxy S4 can be the first smartphone to hit the market with Android, new version 4.3 of Google’s operating system. The team at Consumer Reports States that will evaluate the new features and the impact of using a system without customization in product performance.

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