Galaxy K: Samsung Reveals Germany Release and Price

The mystery of the name had solved Samsung last week: Galaxy K is called the Smartphone with camera including ten-fold optical zoom. And now, it is also clear that you no longer must wait on the device and how much you pay.

In Germany, Samsung seems to see particular potential for its camera smartphone hybrid Galaxy K. It’s so anyway, explaining that the German Department of the Korean electronics manufacturer has announced on Monday as the first official release and the price for the device. In mid-May, there’s the Galaxy K at the price of 519 euro (RRP). Not a bargain, but for that the 4.8-inch Smartphone offers something that other devices do not have: A 20.7-mega pixel camera with ten-fold optical zoom.

20.2 Mm at the Widest Point

The advantage of the optical zoom is obvious and is evident in close sessions collected objects in photos. While conventional Smartphone cameras with digital zoom simply extrapolate such images, a photo with optical zoom is genuine. Although the Galaxy has a real camera lens K, it’s not flagrantly out thick. But 20.2 mm deep at the widest point, are about compared to the 8.1 millimeters of the current Samsung flagship Galaxy S5 already a larger number than the other smartphones.