FTC Gives up to Investigate Street View Privacy

The Federal Trade Commission of the United States will no longer pick up the foot Google. The agency, which works supervising US companies, has decided to close an investigation that promoted on behalf of Google Street View, one Google service that turns and moves has divine manifestations, coming from the sky. For FTC a Google moved to ensure minimum procedures privacy.

This investigation was initiated after Google revealed that the vehicles Street View had collected information driving along through open wireless networks without any kind of protection. Last week, however, the company returned to the public to inform that the information included login and complete password users. Basically, Google knows logins and passwords of some users around the world.

The FTC believes that Google has taken important steps to prevent private information of users are not detected without proper authorization. For example, Google introduced a specific board to address privacy. Some employees are also being trained to better handle issues related to security and privacy.