From Music to Fashion

Rihanna is one of the queens of the music today, but, you know, we women do not have enough. And ‘why we often try to reinvent themselves and find new ways in which to channel their creativity.

From Music to Fashion

The Barbadian singer has, in fact, decided to associate its name not only to the record companies, the tour and the musical notes, but also throw in the fashion world. After all, she is one of the most followed fashion icons of the moment: from its daily look to those chosen for the video (see BBHMM), to clothing from independent designers worn on the red carpet, Rihanna is always at the forefront in setting the fashions of the moment and it is one of the models that inspires more women around the world.

Add to this, also that his recent musical works have not exactly reached the desired results, with the last single (which is not BBHMM, but American Oxygen. You did not know? Exactly…) which is positioned very low down in the world rankings. A shame, given the career that Rihanna looks back. Career, it seems, is no longer the center of his attention and will not be for quite a while’.

For all these reasons to launch a fashion line seemed the right choice: as exclusively revealed Grazia UK, the brand has been registered in his name on May 11 called $ chool KILLS, and will include both clothing and leather accessories (read “shoes and bags”).

The name of Rihanna is not new to the hot music: many are the collaborations that have seen its participation, with stunning results. Some examples? The beauty line in collaboration with MAC has been sold out within a very short; the capsule collection with River Island has been a great success; currently is the face of Dior and it was delivered a CFDA Icon Award which further confirmed the influence in this area.

According to what some sources would have revealed to Grazia, the goal of Rihanna would be to build a veritable fashion empire (the same way as that of Victoria Beckham, maybe) and this would be one of the reasons why in 2013 he fought (and He won) against Topshop he had used his face on some t-shirt: even then, in fact, had begun his project to establish itself as a serious and respected designer in the fashion industry (which is not easy). Will he succeed?