Friday-Humor: Here Are 3 Wild Cases for Your iPhone

If you want to make herself noticed, drastic measures may be necessary. Here are 3 bids that may arouse attention.

Since Apple presented their iPhone 5S, it was with a new color to the palette, for Gold.

Color evokes undeniably spectacular, but probably not enough, someone will probably think.

That is why our site found 3 cases for you who want full attention when in takes Apple phone up to your ear.

Batmobile Tumbler By Bandai

As the name suggests, then there is talk about a case that is particularly inspired by Christopher Nolan’s Batman trio lodging.

The cover, which is produced by the Japanese toy manufacturer Bandai, has of course its own presentation video.

Batmobilen can also boast of having built projects that can shoot batman motifs on the wall.

Last but not least, so will use the Flash from your iPhone Tumleren to enlighten the exhaust pipe and the four lights on the car, so you can see if there are any notifications or calls.

The cover can only be delivered in March with a price of just under $ 60 (via our site)

Knucklecase for iPhone 5 & 5s
Here is the case that guarantee body searches at the airport, and exclusion from the disco. The actual case is a “unibody” design, and so nice carved from a single block of aluminum.

The cover also comes in four great colors and can be purchased from $ 99 and up. Both the iPhone 4 and 5/5S.

On the cover then come through customs joins case nothing about.

Caseinity-Stay Charged, Stay Connected
This cover is for the readers who have an iPhone 4 or 4S. The cover is not excessively flashy, and comes in either black or white.

The smart thing about this cover is that it can house a small charging cable, so you’re always guaranteed power for the whole day.

The cover costs $ 29.99 and can be ordered here


Have in other bids on the funny cases/covers, then throw like links in the comment box.