Free Plex for Windows Phone 8

While users of iOS and Android has been able to use Plex since its introduction two years ago, the owners of a Windows phone had to do without. It’s that change in now.

App Plex, which gives you access to multimedia PC via your smartphone, the last two years been available, if you have either an iPhone or a smartphone with Android. It has meant that owners of a Windows smartphone may look enviously, while others streamed movies and music.

This should, however, be an end now, for Plex has just launched a version for Windows Phone 8. And although they have had two years to make the product better for iOS and Android, so they are still on shaky ground when it comes to Windows, and therefore has allegedly done free edition the first 30 days.

One of the new things in the Plex, which is now also available in 8 series, is HTTP Live Streaming. This should provide a higher resolution and at the same time could show more formats than ever before. As I said, the app is still in development, but the producers promise lots of updates in the near future.